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This would be a breach of freedom of expression and of privacy. The compromise reached between the EU institutions represents the worst version of all the reform drafts presented so far. Various key flaws can be identified, amongst which the fact that:. Bad for Creators If platforms become directly liable for user uploaded content they will arbitrarily remove content based on their terms and conditions. By requiring Internet platforms to perform automatic filtering all of the content that their users upload, Article 13 takes an unprecedented step towards the transformation of the Internet from an open platform for sharing and innovation, into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users.

Exacerbating these concerns is the reality that content filtering technologies are not equipped to perform context-sensitive interpretations of the valid scope of limitations and exceptions to copyright, such as fair comment or reporting, teaching, criticism, satire and parody.

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I think that the overfiltering problem is huge and the norms are so vague. Article 13 is doomed to failure. The Digital Single Market Directive draft is some speculation that if we put these really strict rules in place, all the tech companies and platforms that can afford to license content will do that.

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IncidentaDy, the ordi- nal ads for the film made extensive and colorful use of a big head of At- will, composed - on closer examination - of the bodies of women.

It was a giinmidc that was copied exactly, and applied to Vincent Price, in the ads for the recent Masque of the Red Death. Having seen it several times recently, Tm happy to report that - as a horror film at least - it more than lives up to ite reputation. Director Rouben Mamoulian, though his period of greatness encompassed only a few years before he settled for the competently couunon-place, had a tremendous visual sense and an ob- vious enchantment with the possibilities of the film medium. So much for criticism, however. Quite apart from the bizarre make-up, one just never tends to think that it b March who b Hyde.

Unfortunately, there is no inunediate likelihood of this film being re- vived theatrically, although there is a distinct possibility that h may ap- pear, in slig htly shortened form, as a TV special. Up until the time of his death Apr. That article was based on vivid memories of the film and several screenings - but the last of them some twenty-five years ago. But alas, with the remake as a kind of guide-line, it seems that I mentally re-directed many of the highlights of the original. The climac- tic face-smashing scene for example, while better done than in the Vincent Price version, is also surprisingly abrupt and without sufficient build-up.

It is constructed far more as a mystery than as a horror film, with so many characters and sub-plots that far too much time is taken away from the basic story- line. In this respect, if in no other, the remake is neater and more co- hesive. The dope angle is quite explicit incidentally. Fay Wray is brought into the film quite late she has far less footage than Glenda Farrell, the wisecracking reporter who cracks the case and has really nothing to do other than providing a luscious victim for Atwill in the closing reels.

Incidentally, Miss Wray — first seen doing her exercises in sweater and brief shorts - looks most fetching in Technicolor. She also doubles for the wax figure of Marie Antoinette in the opening reel — none too convincingly. All in all, the original is subtler than the remake, but disorganiz- ed and lethargic, its potential never fully realized.

However, its highlights are still most effective, Atwill and Wray can hardly be bettered, its sets are spacious and well-designed, and its muted two- color Technicolor is still tremendously impressive and well-used.

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As of this moment, it seems that initial plans to copy the film and put it back into some kind of distribution have been abandoned — but this situation can change of course. That it is also not quite the classic we all thought it to be is one of the hazards of such re- discoveries! Sexua- lity being the keynote for nearly anything these daze.

Mike, was producer. Dependable George Macready narrates serviceable grade-B yampires-in-California tale. Vampiric Robert Quarry, a Hurd Hatfield type with a Chris Lee profile, seeks fresh blood in modern urban establishment which nicely contrasts with old world shenanigans.

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Lesbian elements were toned down for a GP rating. Though unpolished, it has a neat, sharp ending and knows when not to take itself ieriously. Produced and created by Dan Curtis,who was responsible for the fine DR.

Books by ken Hofhenke (Author of Catlord Chronicles - Brownie Tales of History Books #1)

HYDE tv special with Jack Palance, DS is soap-opera styled but with the accent on suspense and terror rather than the usual socio-sexual hangups. This formula proved unrewarding , and the show was going nowhere when a year-old vampire named Barnabas Collins, played by Jonathan Frid, was intro- duced experimentally. Thus we have Barnabas, himself a reformed vampire who has been killed and revived at least a number of times, participating in various mag- ical and monster-making experiments, shifting back and forth in time innumerable occasions, watched a friend turn into a werewolf, and seen Mrs.

Of course, wise professor Stokes Thayer David knew what was going on at the outset, but, as usual, nobody paid much attention. Along the way, Barnabas has been transfor- med into the show's hero, and frankly Frid nrrakes a better, more persuasive hero than a vam- pire, battling in true Van Helsing style against the various powers of Evil, his vampiric past en- dowing him with a somewhat anti-hero cast.

Frid manages to imbue the character with some dignity and even depth in the face of what is obviously limited rehearsal time. Miss Moltke, who made no secret of her dis- tress at her cliched role Honestly, Victoria is so dumb! X was T? Helmed by Robert Wise dir. The six million doilar-plus production is supposed to remain faithful to the book, which deals with the consequences of a contaminated unmanned satellite returning to earth.

Fox had at one time turned down rights to the film before the book was published and be- came a best-seller. Douglas Trumbul, 's special effects magician, was wisely hired by Robert to create a sequence depicting the Androme- da's growth. Very similar to , it features only one actor: transpor- ting supplies from Earth to Mars, the as- tronaut Is completely alone, except for ac- companying robots and computers.

A living Intelligence, in the form of a force field no, it's nothing like a w. Set in the future.

It involves upheaval in the world. Growing up among Martains, a man returns to Earth with surprising sexual, re- ligious and political views. Joan Crawford stars in this unbelievably crude production and would have done better in one of her Pepsi-Cola plants.


It concerns a subterranean society of the future where life is completely pro- grammed by psychic control exercised by computers. Two people try to break out of this structure only to be confronted by SEN , manipulator of the computers played by Donald Pleasance. In this strange world it is a crime not to take drugs and the sex act is outlawed. People get their kicks by mental orgasm. The police are robots who use electronic prods instead of tear gas.

A large portion of the cast, including the wo- men, appear bald.

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Because of the nudity inclu- ded, this will probably receive an R or X rating. The ape makeup takes 3V2 hours to apply and an hour and a half to remove. Because of its claustrophobic effect. Miss Hunter had to take a daily tranquilizer while the mask was formed on her face. The first two APE films will be re-released to- gether this spring. Price and Jos. Gotten get It all together in DR. BLOB fans will go for G. Genetic Octopodular Ooze as it attacks the world and seduces a refri- gerator in a chilling climax. The witches in this modern offering will be in the buff.

It's a love story, per- verted and debased, of trust broken and be- trayed. A story of inner fears and ritual terror, and is supposed to stand as the def- initive, hair-raising statement on the rennai- sance of evil. The people are very beautiful and its games are very occult. It deals with dark- ness and the ultimate transplant: the human soul it also stars, of course.

Cotten and Robt.