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Apr 08, Diane Wallace rated it really liked it. Great series!! May 14, Authoress YungLit rated it it was amazing. Cant wait for Part 3.

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Feb 04, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: wahidaclark. Great Read!! Everybody in this book is scandalous. Forever lost it his world was crumbling but in the end he ended up where he need to be. Shan and Briggen got their happy ever after for now. Jul 19, J rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , guilty-pleasures. Now Shan is making her move, far away from Memphis's mean streets, to wipe the slate clean and start over. But she can't hold back what she's feeling for Briggen, a wealthy drug dealer who wants her to be his one and only for life.

Her brother, Peanut, can't afford to lose her-or the one shot he has at getting back on top of the drug game. And the ruthless convict who tricked Shan into loving him is out of lockdown Now, with everything at stake and a vicious turf war taking no prisoners, Shan must put it all on the line to save her future-or die trying. Oct 13, Eric rated it it was ok. While nowhere near as shocking as the first book "Payback is a Mutha" this did have its moments.

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I think that Wahida Clark has decided that Payback is either going to be a Trilogy or a recurring series, and this felt like a middle book. Like stuff was just happening to set up some other stuff to happen later on down the road. I only rate it two stars because I was expecting a LOT more craziness to happen, or at least craziness to be described. It's like she made most of the insane moments, that While nowhere near as shocking as the first book "Payback is a Mutha" this did have its moments.

It's like she made most of the insane moments, that fueled my interest in the first book, happen off-scene. Total copout. Wahida, bring the crazy. We like the crazy.

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It's why we read you. View 1 comment. Jun 06, Kellee rated it liked it Recommends it for: Wahida Clark fans. Shelves: a-favorite. This was a good book. Not one of her best books, but a page turner. I think the problem was there were just way too many characters.

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I read her other books a few years ago and this one came out too late. I don't remember if the other books had this many characters, but if they did, it would have probably been better if this one would have come out sooner. I'm still a really big fan of hers She definitely left room for another one and I will be picking that one up when it comes out.

Mar 12, Howard rated it it was amazing. Good book, I listened to this on audible couldn't stop listening to it yesterday so yeah I finished this book in like 2 days. Oct 13, Tasha added it. I realy hope that there is a third book.. Feb 02, Yvette rated it really liked it.

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Apr 07, Tynika rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. More people began to fall like a domino effect. Jun 17, Iisha rated it it was amazing. Being an educator in the prison system is hard enough, but when you add pregnancy and drug smuggling to the equation, the end result is catastrophic. As Shan played the role of crooked teacher, the ends justified the means if it meant her brother, Peanut, would be set free and able to re-establish himself in the dope game.

After it was all said and done, Payback With Ya Life by Wahida Clark is the anticipated sequel to Payback is a Mutha which found Shan in the grips of conflict after conflict. After it was all said and done, she planned to leave Memphis, Tennessee to head for Detroit, Michigan, in hopes of a new start.

Peanut had plans to return deep in the drug world but how could he when Shan continued to make bad decisions? From being pregnant by a married man to not dealing with the grief caused by a friend who committed suicide, would he really be able to be successful in all he wanted to accomplish while being her step-in father?

Not to mention he had old debts to cash-in on that would definitely lead to bloodshed with the possibility of Shan being a victim. Wahida Clark has done it again. She created a tale with believable characters, unexpected plot twists, and even threw in a little homo-thug loving for dessert. It was well-written and it did not have too many characters to keep up with; which has been the case in her past novels. The ending left it open for a third installment but it was not the usual cliff hanger.

The major conflict was resolved and I did not feel cheated. I recommend Payback With Ya Life to all urban fiction fans. Dec 19, KayBee's Bookshelf rated it did not like it. I preface this review by stating I listened to this book on audio and it may have altered how the story was received. Like it or not congratulations to Ms. Clark, Ms.

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  7. Lee and the WCP team for continuing to put out work. Narration-The harsh, yell and often times, high pitched delivery of the audio made this an extremely tough listen. I was skeptical once I saw who would be narrating this book. As the same narrator made listening to Thug Luv a very hard listen. Story-Much of the story was lost on me due to poor narration. However, I did not go back and listen to what I could have missed because I just wanted to finish the book.

    I was 3 hours in and was not sure what the plot was for this installment.

    This is not Ms. But, I am one of those that likes to see things to the end unless it is just completely intolerable. On to book Dec 31, OOSA rated it liked it. Consequences Pregnant by a married man and having lost her best friend to suicide, Shan doesn't know if she's coming or going. With the support of her brother, Peanut, and a new man in her life, things are looking up.

    What goes up must come down. Old scores have a way of rejuvenating themselves. Someone wants payback in the worse way.