Larcheologia del sapere: Una metodologia per la storia della cultura (Italian Edition)

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Applications are invited from individual artists or groups in any medium and can be for the presentation of existing works or production of new projects. The online application process is now open and closes at 5pm on Monday 2 September Are we witnessing the continuing dominance of old political narratives? While these old narratives may be slowly showing signs of cracking, what are the obstacles facing the emergence of new narratives? Rather than being any kind of curatorial concept, this statement is intended solely as a hint at a direction that will evolve and nuance as the project develops.

Founded in , eva International is an artist-centred biennial of contemporary art that works with acclaimed guest curators to present exhibitions and events across the city of Limerick, Ireland.

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Artists' projects will be selected through an international open call for proposals and exhibitions will take place in both gallery and non-gallery spaces. Studi di paleopatologia dentaria:. Studi di paleo-antropologia preistorica:. Studi di paleonutrizione:. Articoli di archeologia:.

The archaeology of light: grafts and sections

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In: F.

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L'archeologia Del Sapere

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Prima lezione di ARCHEOLOGIA (prof. Dario Palermo)

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1. Introduzioni – opere basilari / Introductions and Basic Books

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