Kite Surfing Essentials – Learn How to Kite Surf Safely and Easily NOW!

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Lessons are tailored to each individual student, according to their experience and abilities. We have been teaching kiteboarding for 20 years and you are in good hands. The single day, "try kiteboarding" lessons are a great way to check out the sport and see what it offers. Learning to ride is a 2-step process of learning kite control and then learning to use the board.

So we take our time to ensure that you learn all the necessary skills. We are a part of an International School network IKO School Network represented in over 40 countries, so you can pick up where you left off and add to your skills wherever you go. In all of your lessons our emphasis is on safety.

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We provide all the equipment you will need. Each lesson is tailored to the student. Lesson can be adjusted to fit any experience level. There are different times and prices available see the booking calendar. Our team includes Maui's best IKO Certified Kiteboarding Instructors and trainers who utilize the safest teaching procedures, and the industry's most respected Training System. Each Instructor also receives ongoing training to help them reach and maintain the highest standards.

Learn Kitesurfing the safe way

We offer all our private and group lessons with our certified instructors. This lesson is the easiest way to try Kite flying! This is perfect for the first time kite flyer. Students learn the essential skills needed to fly kites, including safety, wind theory, hands-on kite-flying, and power control. This class is the first step in the kiteboard progression, and is fun for groups and all ages. In this class you get the chance to try a flying the kite yourself, with the help of the instructor and learn to fly solo.

We include all the gear, But we recommend that you bring sunglasses, to use while beach flying, we provide the kites, helmets harness etc. We have different kite sizes for different size people. This lesson gives you a first look at the sport and a chance to feel the power of the kite. This is a good prelude to any of the longer courses, and perfect for people who are curious about kiting but not ready to commit to a full course just yet.

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No previous experience is required. This class is taught as a group lesson private is available. The best value. This lesson is the fastest way to try Kiting! This session gives the student the chance to try kiteboarding with more hands on experience and we go light on the theory. This session gives the student the chance to really try the gear and get the feel for flying the kite, We start flying on land, and get into the water too.

In this class, you get the chance to try a little bit of everything. To get a taste of the kiteboarder experience.

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We include all the gear, and show you, the control systems, safety systems, and the self-rescue. We supply right size gear for each different student at each step of your learning curve. With our accelerated learning technique, you will be spending more time doing and less time talking.

This lesson gives you a good overview of what the sport of kiteboarding has to offer. After the Intro class, you can upgrade to any one of our longer courses. This class is taught as a private lesson, and our one-on-one instructor ratio ensures that you will learn at your own pace.

The most popular single day lesson. This lesson is a perfect way to start Kiteboarding on Maui! This kiteboarding lesson gives your first installment into the sport of kiteboarding. Covering the core skills, wind direction and site selection, Essential kite flying skills on land and in the water, harness technique one-handed flying, body dragging, and an introduction to the board.

We supply all the necessary equipment. Unless, that is, the wind drops to below 10 knots; in which case, you might have some problems.

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  • If you fall over in the water, the weighted-shape of these kites mean they tend to lay flat. With that in mind, a safety release system is not necessarily as essential as it is with other kite designs. However, for ease of retrieval, it is recommended you have a safety release system so that the kite and the control bar stay close in choppy conditions. The shape of it is formed during the flying stage and so, in this regard, they differ massively from the framed single skin kites discussed above.

    These kites often possess a valve system that will prevent air from escaping after a fall. In general, modern kitesurfing use either four or five lines. They have minimal stretch which, in the long run, should serve you well.

    What to Practice before Kitesurfing Waves

    Ideally, due to the water-based nature of the sport of kitesurfing, you want lines that float in water. The lines for a two-line kite should have a minimum strength equivalent to 2. When considering kitesurfing line length, people should always take into account the size of the kite and general wind conditions. The most commonly used line lengths are usually somewhere between 20 metres and 40 metres in length.

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    Most kitesurfers use a four-line control bar for a four-line inflatable, and either a pair of handles or a four-line control bar for a four-line foil. By using a control device, the kitesurfer can utilise the wind and manoeuvre themselves anywhere they want within reason. With the aid of an inflatable kite control bar, with two lines at the front and two lines at the back, you can swing the kite left by pulling the left end of the bar with a vice-versa action resulting in you sending it right.

    The Basics

    If the bar is horizontal, or in a neutral position, the kite will continue down its existing flight path. Pulling gently on the brake lines with slow you down; pulling hard on the brake lines will stop the kite, and pulling extremely hard on the brake lines will help you and the kite to change direction.

    Be sure to test it in shallow water close to land, rather than on the land itself. This is to minimise the risk of the kite crashing into dry land and breaking on impact. If you want to go kitesurfing but think that using an ironing board would be silly it would be , then you might want to learn a bit more about the different boards you can use.

    In the case of the bi-directional board, also known as a twin-tip, the snowboarding and wakeboarding influences are clear to see. Nowadays, this is the most popular board design for kitesurfing. Directional boards in kitesurfing are predominantly influenced by the worlds of surfing and windsurfing. In terms of length, these boards are usually somewhere between cm and cm. These boards are now used far less than the more freestyle-geared bi-directional boards. Surely, surely with all that gear they just have to stand there and let the equipment do the work?

    Kitesurfers are, to use engineering imagery, a fifth cog in the kitesurfing machine. Without them, the whole thing comes crashing down in a soggy water-logged mess. They must constantly position the kite in response to the wind, in order to generate power. And, of course, they must steer the whole thing; avoiding obstacles and other people in the process. To prevent permanent tension on the arms, kitesurfers usually have a harness system attached to the control devices round their torso area. Water shoes are also highly recommended if there are rocks or potentially dangerous things under the surface.

    Kitesurfing beginners, for obvious reasons, will be spending a lot more time in the water so should wear a slightly-thicker-than-normal wetsuit. B: The Mpora team doesn't hate babies as much as this post may lead you to believe National authorities have banned hikers from going within 1km of the mountain. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers. If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time.

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