Introduction to Population Biology

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Jacquard, A.

Population Structure - Evolutionary Biology - Oxford Bibliographies

The genetic structure of populations biomathematics. Berlin: Springer Verlag. Charlesworth and B.

  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Population Biology and Evolution.
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Written before the development of coalescent theory and therefore a bit outdated but still valuable for its clarity in the presentation of biological and statistical concepts. Nei, M. Molecular evolutionary genetics. New York: Columbia Univ.

Introduction to Population Genetics (2010)

A historical, clear and useful introduction to the basic concepts, including the notions of genetic distances. Nielsen, R. An introduction to population genetics. A modern and clearly written introduction to population genetics with concrete examples. Provides introduction to key concepts in an intuitive yet rigorous way without mathematical details.

Rousset, F. Genetic structure and selection in subdivided populations. Summarizes theories used to describe geographically structure population.

Introduction to Population Ecology

Written in a fairly mathematical style. Suitable for graduate students in evolutionary biology or statistical genetics. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page.

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Jump to Other Articles:. Introduction to Population Biology covers all these areas and more. Taking a quantitative and Darwinian perspective, the basic theory of population processes is developed using mathematical models. Darwins theories of evolution. Understanding natural selection.

Concepts and Models

Simple population growth models. Densitydependent growth and the logistic. Varying the carrying capacity. Population genetics and evolution. Applying the HardyWeinberg principle to autosomal. Agespecific reproduction and population.

Evolution of life histories. Interactions between species and. Simulating competition between two species. Animal behaviour natural selection.