Grandpas Beard Has Disappeared

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John I havent seen you in so long, how have you been?

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We were in high school together! You used to be fit! A man is driving a car next to a mental asylum when his tire ruptures. He stops and gets out of the car to change it. But through the fence, a patient with gray hair, long unkempt beard, dressed in a nightgown, and with a creepy doll in his arms watches him silently. The man tries to ignore him, but the stare makes him extremely anxious. His hands start Moses,Jesus and a bearded man go golfing one day Moses tees off and gives the ball an almighty whack. The ball flies through the air, spins and falls towards a water hazard. Just as the ball is landing, Moses parts the waters and the ball rolls onto the green.

Jesus goes next. He hits the ball straight towards the water again, but just befo An American tourist is on holidays along the west of Ireland, tracing his roots, hiking the many hills and cliffs along the coast. Pausing to enjoy the breathtaking view, amongst all the green he notices a dirty old tractor putt-putt-putting along a country lane Pausing to enjoy the breathtaking view, amongst all the green he notices a dirty old tractor putt-putt-putting along a country lane.

As it comes closer, he notice Three men; a Russian, a swede, and a German have been arrested, and they've all been given a 6 month sentence. Their warden however, is friendly and grants them all a 6 month supply of anything they want. Upon hearing this, the Russian man jumps up in joy, A man had died He found himself standing before the Pearly Gates.

He knocked and a friendly-looking old man wit a white beard opened the door and introduced himself as Saint Peter. Peter said. Peter Said "Come in. I'll give y My dad is always embarrassed about cutting himself while getting rid of his beard, so he locks himself in the bathroom A man gets stranded on an island He walks by the beach, saying loudly "I am fucked I am fucked I am fucked Follow me" As he does not have anything to do, he follows.

The bearded man leads him to a cannibal tribe. The bearded man points to the leader who is sitting o If you have a beard and wear robes, you're a Wizard. If you have a goatee and wear robes, you're a Sorcerer Which is surprising seeing as priests seem to be so fond of grooming. When I shaved my beard, my wife was happy, she said it made me look younger.

When I suggested she shaved hers to make her look younger she was not happy. The world needs better terms Like who called it 'beard trimming and hair cutting' and not ladscaping? A man wakes up one morning to find that he's grown a thick beard and is wearing a turban He, being very concerned and disoriented, calls his boss in order to see if he can get the day off. Man: "Boss, I just woke up with a turban and a long, thick beard.

I think I need a day to figure things out. I said My friend suggested I grow my beard. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but after a couple of weeks it started growing on me. A man walks down the street and suddenly notices his watch had stopped working. He looks around looking for a watch shop nearby. At the end of the street he sees a small store with a big clock hanging outside and he goes over there. When he enters the store, to his surprise he does not see a A beautiful woman went up to the bar in a quiet rural pub.

She gestured alluringly to the bartender who approached her immediately. The woman seductively signaled that he should bring his face closer to hers. As he did, she gently caressed his full beard. When I started no shave November I thought I would be excited to shave again in December, but now I don't want to cut my beard at all.

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I think it's grown on me. If a bearded man makes vases Is he a hairy potter? An ex-businessman, now bankrupt, is preparing to jump off a bridge As he's about to step into the void, a hand grabs him from behind. He turns back annoyed and sees that the hand belongs to an old bearded overweight guy. You were about to kill yourself! What does an African neck beard mosquito say? I applied for a job but my resume stinks Everyday he walked into the office and applied for the same job under a different name and in a different costume each time.

On the first day he went as himself, on the sec He asked him what it was. He explained to my friend that all he had to do was to rub toilet paper on his face.

Grandpa's Beard Has Disappeared

My friend asked him why was that going to work. My dad is a rugged ex-Marine with a salt-and-pepper beard He's a seasoned veteran. A Jewish father was very troubled by the way his son turned out and went to see his rabbi about it. Rabbi, where did I go wrong? I too, brought Scarlett Johansson and some guy were the only survivors of a shipwreck. They didn't know each other before the shipwreck, but he did know who she was At the beginning it was hard, but as time passed, this guy learnt how to provide food and shelter, he started taking care of her, and eventually she started caring about him He goes to a shop and has the mechanic look at it.

Well this Eskimo goes outside to get a drink from the stream. Oh no I just drank water. Whats a fedora clad, neck bearded gentlemen's favorite color?


My beard is at its optimal length. If it gets any longer things get a bit hairy. I originally wasn't thrilled at my girlfriend's idea for me to have a beard But it's growing on me. A bloke I work with says he's dating twins I asked him "How do you tell them apart?

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Marie's got blonde hair and Brian's got a beard. Two men arrived at the pearly gates. My name's Jesus. My face is everywhere, surely you know who I am! A male stripper goes into a restaurant.

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He sees a beautiful young nun and decides he wants to do the dirty on her. So he decides to propose to her directly. What do you think about leaving that chastity aside and come with me for a good time? To hell with you, sinner!

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